To all donations we have received in Beta Launch we'd like to give a massive appreciation and thank you to all who have donated so far!

To help support the World in such a terrible time, please check out this Charity and what they are doing to help!

I hope people also donate to this as me and my family do. UNICEF is an amazing organization and my family have been involved with this charity before.

We are spreading awareness as a positive community and wish everyone safety and happiness!

Coronavirus children’s crisis appeal | UNICEF 

From July 1st to August 1st will be 50% donations going to this charity and proof and certificate of donation will posted and shared on our store and website to show our contribution! If you cant donate then please share the charity and ensure everyone gets support!

Sale Storewide!

Ranks: 75% OFF

Crate Charms/Keys: 40% OFF 

Bundles/Cosmetics/GKits/Minions/Perks/Summoners/Wands/Upgrades: 30% OFF

Start Date: 18/06/2021 00:01 (UTC+2) (Spain Time Zone)

End Date: 30/06/2021 00:01 (UTC+2) (Spain Time Zone)

Welcome To AlphaSkyMC.

The new go to Factions/Skyblock server for you and your friends.

Come take part in the upcoming server to battle away faction vs faction to conquer the map and fight away for F TOP #1 PRIZE! IS TOP #1 PRIZE! TOP VALUE#1 PRIZE!

Rank / Store Voucher For AlphaSkyMC Store / OP Tools / Keys / Minions / In Game Money.

Also prizes for 2nd-5th faction. Furthermore top donator & voters will be entered into a raffle to win epic in game prizes.

New maps, prizes, items, realms will be added every 3-6 months depending on the popularity of the server in the upcoming future. 

We already have it all planned and we are 10 steps ahead of upcoming transitions we will make to our server, we hope u give us time to allow us grow and create the amazing server we and you all desire.

All products sold on this page are specifically for the AlphaSkyMC server no where else.

These products can't be bought elsewhere.

All prices are non-negotiable and Tebex add their percentage on to all items so this is added into the basket already. 

All prices are non-refundable and any attempt refunds will be lead to server punishment as it causes drastic behind the scene problems with tebex.

However we can exchange items IF on agreeable terms with the owner of AlphaSkyMC.

See you all soon.

-SoloDonOG (Owner)

IP:  play.alphaskymc.org

Forum: AlphaSkyMC (playalphaskymc.com)


AlphaSkyMC is in no way linked or affiliated to Mojang Studios in anyway shape or form. Were are not liable to Mojang Studios.